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There is currently a team of volunteers delivering sport and play in Rwamwanja Refugee Camp in south western Uganda.  This is a 7 week project, and World at Play’s first visit to Africa.  Updates will be posted here.

Applications for the 2019 European Project are now open. You can find out how to become a volunteer here.

World at Play believes that access to sport, and the freedom to play
without fear, prejudice or intimidation is an integral part of every childhood.

The charity was set up over 15 years ago to enrich the lives of disadvantaged adults and children in marginalised communities through sport and play.

Our volunteers are intensively trained and have delivered sport and developmental play sessions in refugee camps, foster homes, youth clubs, schools and care-centres in Kosovo, Bosnia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Turkey and Bulgaria.

Our projects have a long term and sustainable impact on our volunteers, on the children who take part, and on the partner organisations we work with.

We are a small charity which makes a huge impact.  You can learn more about our work, apply to volunteer on our next international project,  or make a life-changing donation.