What level of cyclist do I need to be?

This ride is open to all abilities.  Over the last 3 years we have had cycling veterans who wanted to take on a new challenge and see a new part of the world impossible to see without a support team, as well as total newcomers wanting to embark on a new adventure.

Our support team will ensure whatever your level you are able to enjoy the ride at your own pace.  Our team will also help you with all your bike issues; maintenance and repairs, adjustments to ensure your bike is as comfortable as possible for the ride and even fixing your punctures.

What is the registration fee and fundraising?

The registration fee is £450

This cost goes to cover all the costs of the ride. World At Play is a small charity and whilst this fee is higher than some other charity rides it ensures that every penny you raise goes straight to changing the lives of kids around the world.

The fundraising target is £1000

We have set this as a target that we think most people can achieve. Our expert fundraising team will give you top tips and advice to help you reach your goal; from the best times to ask people to donate to your online fundraising page, to fun ideas to raise money such as pub quizzes, cake sales and sponsored challenges.

Why Norway?

Norway offers beautiful, quiet roads to cycle along with stunning scenery all around you.  Because of a couple of tunnels along the fjord it is impossible to cycle this route without a support van/bus too take you through the tunnels and a support team to arrange the ferries to get you from one side of the fjord to the other.  This means that unlike most UK/European charity rides you can only cycle this route with the full support team we offer who ensure you can experience cycling in this beautiful part of the world.  Furthermore Mike, the World At Play founder lives in Norway and negotiates great rates and discounts for the group to keep costs down in a country where prices are generally very high.  As the only charity running a multi-day charity bike ride in Norway this really is a unique opportunity

How do I get there?

Bergen airport is serviced by affordable flights from around Europe.  You will be collected from the airport in Bergen and taken to the start of the ride.  You will need to bring your bike in a bike bag/box on the plane with you.  Your registration fee does not cover your flights, but does include your pick up and drop off at the airport by The World At Play Team.

What about my bags?

This is a fully supported ride.  Each day your luggage will be transported from where you wake up in the morning to where you'll sleep that night. We want you to focus on enjoying your ride and the beautiful scenery around you and will take care of all logistics to ensure you do so.

Where do I sleep?

Each night we stay in comfortable cabins that are typical of the true Norwegian outdoor experience.  They are based in stunning locations so you can enjoy the scenery in the evening and morning and the incredible stars at night.

What do I eat and drink?

Each morning you will have a hearty breakfast made for you that will fuel you for the day ahead.  There will then be feed stops and lunch each day comprising of sandwiches, fruit, nuts, crisps, chocolate, energy drinks, bars and gels and more.  Each evening there will be a dinner and drinks at a restaurant at the accommodation, or a BBQ and pasta meal cooked by our support crew.  On the final night there is an unforgettable evening at a local brewery comprising of traditional Norwegian food, drinks and rider awards to celebrate our 3 days of cycling. Our support crew will advise you on all required nutrition for your ride.  All food is included in your registration fee.

What is the weather like?

The weather in Norway in late August can vary between beautiful sunshine and warm weather, or a bit of wind and/or rain - a little like a British early autumn. Thus far we have never had any major issues with the weather.  You will be sent a kit list to bring that will comprise of warm and wet/cold weather kit to ensure you are fully prepared

Do we ride together?

The ride is designed and delivered to suit your needs.  Some people like to ride in groups and we have ride leaders to help lead those groups at a pace that can be comfortable or challenging depending on what you would prefer.  They will also offer advice and information on how to ride safely and efficiently in a group.  Some people prefer to ride with a friend or by themselves at times, again our support team will ensure you are well catered for and never alone for too long.

What if I get lost?

You won't!  The route couldn't be simpler as it hugs the fjord for the most part and then follows a single road over the mountain on day 3.  Furthermore our support team both on and off the bikes will be there to direct you if there are any turns you need to take.

What bike do I need?

You will need a road bike or a good hybrid bike to enjoy and complete this ride.  By no means do you need a top of the range bike and people have completed it in on some classic steel frames.  The most important thing is you are comfortable on your bike and it has generous gearing to help you up the mountain.  Our support team can help you buy/rent a bike in advance if you wish to do so, or help customise your existing bike to make it as suitable as possible.

What about Training Help

We will be able to send you training plans and give you personal advice and feedback, tailored to your cycling ability and the progress you are making, to make sure you are as ready as you can be for the ride.