Welcome to The World At Play Bike Ride

30th August - 1st September 2019

We believe cycling should be fun, challenging, achievable, done with fantastic people, and through beautiful scenery - that is why we set up an annual bike ride to raise money for our charity.  

We would like you to join us for our 4th annual ride, cycling nearly 300km, the length of Sognefjord Norway's longest fjord (and the second largest in the world), and over Norway's most beautiful mountain.  Unlike most European charity rides this 3 day route is impossible to cycle without a full support team such as ours; this ride is a truly unique opportunity for cycling veterans and newcomers alike. 

 So far this ride has raised over £37,000 that has enabled World At Play volunteers to work with thousands of young Syrian refugees and children in the Balkans giving them the chance to learn and have a childhood through structured sport and play programmes. 

We are a small charity and operate a small, but life-changing, ride with no marketing budget.  If you like the sound of the ride but are unable to sign up yourself we would be very grateful if you could share it with those you feel may be interested.

We hope you can join us in Norway in August 2019!

The World At Play Team