A spoken word piece written by team member Olivier at the end of the 2019 WAP Uganda project

Five beautiful strangers in the fog, to the WAP 2019 project 

They came from the light world to brighten up the dark world 

73222 are their names from the wonder world to the under world 

Where now means later, soon means another day, I am coming means I'm still bathing 

Where food and meals are adequate

Where they met Jerry and Oliver to help out the project in the fog

The seven fantastic and amazing driver Eric

They sacrificed their health and well being for the human being 

They faced the faced and face the face 

And they'all become troopers 

They played sport and games with children and youth refugees in Rwamwanja and brought out peace, happines, love and union among them and created teamwork skills through sports and games 

How wonderful Sarah was in creativities !

How amazing Alanna was in leading the team and sport games!

How fantastic Cindy was in planning for games and showing care to kids!

How marvellous Berber was in smiling and caring!

How beautiful Fazilah was in leading games!

How and How tremendous Jerry and Oliver were in leading chants and dances!

How incredible our best driver Eric was in driving and in helping out!

How and How! Who can tell how every one was fantastic and limitless

I can't forget how Gerard and patience once played with us Benchball 

I can't forget how Eric loved mwalimu onaurefu wetu

I can't forget how children were amazing in singing banana song 

ECD' s will miss us a lot when we leave 

Who the hell can forget what frisbee is!? tug of strength, zookeeper, Benchball, rounders and shoe relay what they really are!

Who can forget how Chingalaka - Bumalaka hit the spot and they'all sing fire-fire-fire lele!

Who can truly forget the amazing, marvellous activities we led in Rwamwanja soil!

How wonder wonderful WAP project 2019 was!

How helpful and caring the whole team was!

What would be my Last words for my fellow troopers?

You're my fantastic amazing fellers 

Nkoma is calling us! Mahani is crying for us!

Ntenziryayo is mourning over our leaving, Kyempango is weeping cause we've left them 

Rwamwanja will be missing us!

What a memory have we created to these kids and youth refugees 

How pitiful will it be to miss each other for Good!

They will remain enchanted asking for more games.