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The Founder of World At Play and organiser of this ride, Mike is the brains behind the operation.  A (young) veteran of charity, sport and adventures, he founded the charity in his native Wales before relocating to Norway . Foremost amongst his many talents are minibus driving, map drawing & wind predicting. 



Chairman of the Board of World At Play, Ron organises the ride with Mike.  From the original recce to supporting the ride as a support driver, and riding it as a fundraiser Ron has been fundamental to the ride's success to date. Ron brings good cheer and vague weather reports.



A ride leader on every ride.  Strong on the flat, and a demon descender Leo comes into his own offering support and encouragement up the mountain stage, also masking the fact he is terrible at climbing.  His unrivalled faffing means you'll never be the last to be ready.





A ride leader on the 2016 and 2017 rides, and the team's resident mountain goat.  A conqueror of mountains across Europe and one of the best porridge makers in the Western World, he also offers riders all important sartorial advice to ensure you look the part.



A ride leader on the 2015 ride, the ultimate all rounder, strong up hills, down dales, and along the flat.  Will has ridden some of the most difficult rides in UK and Europe, his experience is invaluable.  He rides with the strength of 10 men, and eats and drinks with the appetite of 100, local establishments are forewarned well in advance of his attendance.


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Off-Road support in 2015, we are yet to find anything Are Even can't do.  His local Norwegian knowledge and unsurpassed practical skills are legendary. 




Off-bike support in 2016, like Are Even a local Norwegian keen to help our riders enjoy exploring his country.  A lover of bikes, an excellent mechanic he also managed to set the fastest time on the mountain stage.

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