30th August

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The first day of cycling hugs the north shore of Sognefjord, with the water always in sight.  The length of the day is around 120km with around 1,250m of climbing on gently rolling terrain.  A perfect first day in the saddle starting from lake-side accommodation and finishing with dinner overlooking the fjord and local seals playing.

31st August

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The second day of cycling is around 100km and includes a couple of climbs to warm up the legs for day 3.  The morning starts with a short ferry ride across the fjord followed by a gently rolling ride along the fjord.  After reaching the town of Sogndal there is a steady climb for a couple of kilometres before descending down into Solvorn for lunch.  For the hardy amongst you there may be time to climb back up the sharper ascent from Solvorn to further stretch the legs.  There will be lunch in Solvorn before getting the ferry across the fjord and cycling up a very short, very sharp climb to see one of the last remaining beautiful medieval wooden, Stave Churches in Norway. From there it is fjord-side gently rolling terrain to our lake-side accommodation in Skjolden where a BBQ and pasta meal awaits.

1st September

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The shortest day of cycling - but it probably won't feel like it.  Day 3 sees us climb the beautiful Tindevegen mountain pass.  This marks the end of the fjord and the beginning of the mountainous region of Norway called The Land Of The Giants.

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You will climb a stunning, quiet road, making an elevation of around 1500m at largely steady, and occasionally testing, gradients.  At the half way point there is a hotel for the group to congregate, eat lunch and get ready for the second half of the climb.  Although it doesn't have the history of some of cycling's famous climbs it is certainly as challenging as any HC Alpine Tour de France climb, complete with a few hairpins, sheep, mountain lakes and stunning views of glaciers.  

This day has been designed to challenge but to be achieved.  As with the rest of the ride, our support team will be there for you every pedal of the ride.  At the front our strong climbers will be alongside the experienced riders who want to push themselves. For the mountain novices our ride leaders will be with you with a combination of endless encouragement and advice alongside the occasional pause and hand on the back to give your legs and will-power an extra boost. 

After completing the climb there is a long, stunning, rewarding descent to the end of the ride, where riders will be transported to a celebratory dinner in Flam with tasty local Norwegian dishes and beers and less tasty spirits!

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