The sun is blazing. I can barely see.
With a day like today, all signs points to trouble.

The burning sensation on my skin.
The sweat pouring down my face.
The headache.
The exhaustion.

This week’s challenge was the heat.


Our days are filled with three sessions – all of which are an hour to an hour and a half long with a 30 minute break and lunch in-between sessions.

We start each day at an early childhood development (ECD) school, kids between the age of 2 and 4. This session is filled with singing, dancing, and some tears. Yes, tears. I never thought I had a face that could scare a little girl or boy until I put on my fake lion hair (a pink tutu) and roared. At such a young age, a “muzungo” that they just met, chasing after them can be terrifying, even if it’s for play. But Friday was a little bit different. When you switch the roles – the kids being lions, chasing after antelopes, the whole story changes. They’re no longer afraid of your roars as they roar back with a smile on their face. And it doesn’t stop there - when the teachers participate in your games, it makes it an even better experience. When they are having fun, the kids are having fun. And that makes it all worth it.


After an hour and a half at the ECD, we get back in our van with the AC turned high and start driving. Thirty minutes until the next session. We finally stop under a tree, wash our hands and eat our biscuits, bananas, and nuts in quietness. If we’re lucky enough, it’ll just be us. But on most days, we’re like a painting in a museum, attracting a crowd.


The next two sessions consist of students from the primary, secondary, and/or vocational schools. This week, we introduced a new game called Rounders. It’s amazing how talented and competitive these kids are. I saw a boy dive for a ball and caught it in mid-air. Girls and boys learning how to hit a ball with a bat for the first time. And that makes it all worth it.

Six hours later, we’re back in the van, driving home.
On a day like today, exhaustion takes over and sleep is all that we want.

Written by Cindy