uganda Project 2019


This is a brand new project which will be based in Rwamwanja Refugee camp in South West Uganda.  It is one of the largest refugee camps in the country.  We are proud to be embarking on this challenging project in partnership with Finn Church Aid.

Updates from the team in Uganda

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Why are World at Play working in Rwamwanja?

Rwamwanja hosts around 78,000 refugees, mostly from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  World at Play volunteers will run sport and developmental play sessions with children and young adults in the settlement.

We believe in the power of play.  Many of these young people will have had their childhood taken away from them and will have experienced fear and enormous hardship. We aim to bring fun and excitement into their lives and aid development.

68% of the population of Rwamwanja is under 18. Employment opportunities are very limited with just one secondary school in the camp. The school serves the refugees and the local community but only 3% of young refugees have access to this school.

How can you help?

The volunteer application process is now over but if you’re interested in volunteering with us check out our next European project.

If you are unable to join us a volunteer, please do consider making a donation here

When will it happen?

February 2019.  The project will last for 7 weeks and will start with a week of training in south Wales in early February.  We will post updates here and on our Facebook page as the project progresses.

For more information please email